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Tie-Dyeing Museum

絞会館外観In this house historical items on shibori and the know-hows are exhibited to the public. Also masters of shibori demonstrate the visitors how to make shibori, which is worth seeing. On request visitors can also experience tying in the workshop to see how it works. On the first floor is the exhibition-sale hall, where you can learn all about Arimatsu Shibori.


絞り実演風景Tie-dyeing is demonstrated on the second floor of the house.( except lunch hour, noon to 1:00pm ) Families, school children, and high school students come and enjoy the demonstration.

Experiencing Tie-Dyeing

絞り教室風景Reservation is necessary.
Cloth and tools to be needed are all prepared by the house.( scissors, needles, strings, etc. ) Tied items are dyed later and sent to the group.
( generally ten days to two weeks later )

Materials to
be tie-dyed
( material, demonstration,
dyeing-stuff, entrance fee,
everything included )
Hours to be needed for
the tie-dyeing
experience course
Handkerchiefs 1,080yen ( tax included )
 *800yen for groups of elementary and junior high school children, and 900yen for senior high school students.
one hour
Table centers 2,160yen ( tax included ) one hour to one and half hours
Noren ( small curtains ) 2,700yen ( tax included ) one hour to one and half hours
Aprons,T-shirts Aprons 3,240yen ( tax included )
3,240yen ( tax included/woman’s )
3,780yen ( tax included/man’s )
two hours

* Add about one hour to each of the time mentioned above for films, demonstration and shopping, which means allow two hours at least for the handkerchief experience course.
Parking The toll parking lot nearby has a capacity for four buses.
The fee is free, a day.
Mail Finished items are sent by mail. Mail charge is below

for Nagoya : 520yen
for surrounding area : 620yen

Exhibition and Video

資料室Movies (laser discs), videos, or even live demonstrations by two masters are shown just before your eyes. Items in the exhibition hall are subject to be changed every couple of months.

adult : 300yen
child, junior and senior high student : 100yen

10 per cent discount for a group of 20 or over.


販売コーナーkimono, fabrics, handkerchiefs, neckties, scarves, clothes, aprons, table-cloths, table-centers, yukata, noren (small curtain), bags and other items are sold at the shop.

Takeda Shokuro Memorial

竹田庄九郎碑Takeda Shokuro is the pioneer of the town and of Arimatsu Shibori. He promoted Arimatsu Shibori nation-wide. This monument was built to honor his achievement.

どうぞお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。 TEL 052-621-0111 開館時間:9:30~17:00(実演は16:30迄)

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